Pelican Pointe Apartment Interior Design

The Pelican Pointe Apartment interior design is characterized by a well calculated spaciousness marked by high ceilings, a well-fit wall-to-floor dimensions and a balanced interior environment based on proper lighting matched with light wall colors, and an attractive wood floor finish.

In essence the living room and the other functional rooms are livable spaces structured for comfort and convenience. A pendant light attached to the center of a ceiling fan adorns the living and dining rooms of the 2-bed apartment models of the Pelican Pointe Apartment interior design.

The plank wood floor of the dining and kitchen areas excite one’s senses and add attraction and value to the well-lighted Pelican Pointe Apartment interior design. The matrices of rectangular wood planks on the flooring enhance the livability of the apartment and break the monotony of a single monolithic plain floor design.

The carpeted living room creates a warm ambiance inside and adds comfort to the feet as one treads the floor. The walls of the living room are adorned by framed abstract paintings in proportion to the area of the wall. A curtain adds control to the lighting inside the living room, along with the window covers in the Pelican Pointe Apartment interior design.

In the Pelican Pointe Apartment interior design, every bathroom is simple in its elegance with a white, wider face washing tub combined with a fairly large mirror on the white wall that can also function as a dressing and make-up area. Square art paintings embellish the wall beside the toilet. A soft, dark foldable plastic curtain separates the bath tub from the toilet and wash tub.

The bedroom expresses an even warmer ambiance with its stylish but comfy bed embedded with dark brown wood maple cabinets. The wide glass windows are covered by a white curtain and blinds to control lighting from the outside and ensure your privacy. The soft, light brown carpet enables you to walk through on barefoot and feel the warmth of the floor.

Near your bed’s side cabinet where a table lamp illuminates the room is a white set of wooden rectangular designs. Open up the folding door and a wide closet appears to hang your clothes. Above the closet is a pendant lamp to add art lighting. Wide closets that can be opened by folded doors are part of every bedroom of the Pelican Pointe Apartment interior design.

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